We don’t get paid until you do!
Our cost is a percentage of your net collectables based on the services you select. Please contact us for pricing details.

Medical Billing

We handle all types of medical billing, including Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Durable Medical Equipment, Dermatology, Mental Health Services, and Physical Therapy.

Quick Turnaround

We strive to maintain a typical 14 – 21 working day turnaround time for electronic claims submission and 45 days for paper claims submissions.

Verification of Benefits

We handle all verifications of coverage so that you will know if your patient has active coverage and all of their policy plan provisions.

Appeals Management

Insurance carriers frequently make mistakes. We are committed to making sure that benefits are processed correctly and, if benefits are due, we provide all the documentation necessary to successfully appeal claims that were previously processed incorrectly.

Pre-Authorization Management

Some claims require pre-authorization review. Quite often a penalty is applied if one is not obtained when required. We handle managing these reviews with the insurance carriers, which includes providing all necessary documents required to obtain the pre-approval requirement.

Claims Management

Following up on claims can be an overwhelming task, but not for BillSource! We keep copious records of all claims submitted to all insurance carriers and we follow every claim from submission to completion.